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Regulation of Internship


TO VALIDATE YOUR PRE-REGISTRATION, 50% of the total amount will have to be paid by bank transfer or by check payable to Charles Jude Dance Academy to send to the address: 77 rue croix de Seguey 33000 bordeaux

This amount is not refundable.


Registration will be confirmed only once initial the total amount of the internship has been received. This amount is not refundable and total payment of the course must be made in full before the beginning of internship.


The organizers reserve the right to modify or cancel the course in case of absolute necessity.

The trainees will be welcomed:

  • Week 1, Sunday, July 4, 2021 from 17h to 19h.
  • Week 2, Sunday, July 11, 2021 from 14h.

For the exceptional day of Sunday, July 12, 2020, registration can also be done during the first week of the course.


Students under the age of 18 will not be under the responsibility of the organizers outside of the classroom and workshop hours.


Internship workshop card will be remitted to each student at the beginning of the course and all students have to be constantly in possession of the said card.


The elementary course is open to 8 year olds with 2 years of dance experience.
The dancers who will participate in the demonstrations will have to foresee a black tunic.


Organizers reserve the right to take any picture or video recording at any time during the workshop. All pictures or images will be free of usage for the organizers and will remain its property. Students cannot claim any copyright. Enrolling in the workshop automatically implies that all students are giving their authorisation for such usage.


Organizers will have no liability and will not be held responsible for any student personal injury or student personal material deterioration during the workshop period.


Sanitary protocol
Scrupulous compliance with the health standards imposed to deal with Covid-19 will be put in place. Great attention will be paid to the safety of children and parents. Children must remember and scrupulously follow the health protocol put in place. We reserve the right to leave or not access to parents to attend classes depending in particular on the number and the protocol recommended by the institutions. This protocol is likely to evolve or not.

1. List of supplies requested to bring on the first day of the course:
* 1 bag to store the shoes that will remain at the entrance of each gym.
* 1 pair of flip flops, slides to circulate only in the premises.
* 1 large bag to store your street clothes.
* 1 freezer pocket large enough to put the dance shoes used at the end of the day.
* 1 second pair of dance shoes (1/2 pointes), if possible, to use for the next day.
* 1 BOTTLE OF WATER (large enough for the duration of the course)
* 1 mask (the teachers in agreement with the trainee will decide whether or not to wear the mask during dance)
* 1 personal disinfectant spray, plus a cloth or wipe to use on anything you touch.
* 1 large towel for stretching lessons which will allow you to lie on the floor (disinfect every evening if possible or provide several)

2. Procedure on your arrival at the gym:
* Wearing a mask upon arrival
* Use of hydro-alcoholic gel at the entrance to each gymnasium.
* 2 benches will be made available in each gymnasium to allow you to sit down to take off your city shoes (to be put in the bag provided which will remain at the entrance of each gymnasium)
* Immediately put on the 2nd pair of shoes you brought (flip flops, slides)
* Use the disinfectant spray, then a cloth or wipe in the changing rooms / dressing rooms then in the studios
* You will have to disinfect everything you touch!
* By following the direction of traffic, you can go and change in the changing rooms / boxes if necessary.
* Then, you will go to the studios according to your level, the Hydro-alcoholic Gel will be present in front of the different studios, you will then disinfect your hands before entering class.
* Wearing a mask: the teachers, in agreement with the trainee, will decide whether or not to wear the mask during dance.
* Before leaving the studios: pick up all your belongings that are in the studios (there should be nothing left on the sides)
* Leaving the course and returning to the changing rooms / boxes if necessary.
* Store the ballet shoes in the freezer bag (to be reused two days later)
* Store dance clothes in the bag provided (and do not put them back the next day)
* Clean your chairs, benches, etc … (whatever you touched)
* Following the direction of movement, get out of the changing rooms / dressing rooms, put on your shoes and exit the gyms, remembering to use the hydro-alcoholic gel.
* Please remember to clean the cloth once you get home or to take another cloth for the next day.
* If you want to use disposable wipes, please put them in the bin provided for this purpose.