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Stéphanie Roublot

Principal Dancer of the National Opéra of Bordeaux

Ballet Master 

Graduate of C.N.S.M.D.P from Paris


studies in Nancy and Paris,

Conservatory of Nancy Region (1988-1991)

Conservatoire de Région de Boulogne-Billancourt (1991-92), 

CNSMD of Paris (1992-96), 

advanced training course at the National Ballet of Nancy (1996-97).


National Ballet of Nancy with Pierre Lacotte , Ballet of the National Opera of Bordeaux with Charles Jude (1999), First dancer of the Ballet of the National Opera of Bordeaux (2002).

 Ballet master until 2018 


T. Härm’s Romeo and Juliet, 

Coppélia (the friends)of C.Jude  

Nutcracker (Arab dance) of C.Jude , 

Giselle (no 6/2 Willis) of C.Jude , 

Ballroom dances

Sleeping Beauty of Charles Jude / title role Aurore / Lilac Fairy / Carabosse Fairy

Swan Lake ofCharles Jude title role Odile / Odette / Spanish dance / 4 big swans

Giselle of Charles Jude the title role / Myrtha / Step 6 / The Willis

Don Quixote of Charles Jude the title role Kitry / the street girl / Mercedes

Romeo and Juliet of Charles Jude / Rosaline

Nutcracker of Charles Jude  / Arabian Dance

Suite in white by S. Lifar / the pas de deux / the flute

No two of Paquita, no two of the White Swan in Swan Lake

Paquita (Grand Pas), Raymonda (Act III) of Mr. Petipa, Petrushka of Mr. Fokine,

Aureole of P. Taylor,

The Pavane of the Maure / Desdemona by J. Limón,

The Tricorne / role title la Meunière L. Massine,

The prodigal Son / siren of G. Balanchine,

Afternoon Wildlife / Nijinski’s Great Nymph

Strawinsky Violin Concerto of George’s Balanchine / aria 2 Apollo / Calliope

The Four Temperaments / Coleric / 3rd movement of Georges Balanchine

Sextet of T. Malandain, The Messiah of Mr. Wainrot,

The Rite of Spring / The Blessed Virgin by L. Massine (2007), (Centenary of the Ballets Russes, 2009)

Zatoichi / the little girl / creation of Carlotta Ikeda (2007),

In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated by William Forsythe

Little Death of Jirí Kylián

Carmina Burana and Chopin Número Uno by Mauricio Wainrot,

Sometimes a swallow created by C. Brumachon (Four Trends / IV 2013)

Pneuma creation of Carolyn Carlson (March 2014),

The Dead Queen / Infanta by Kader Belarbi (March 2016),

The Storm of Mauricio Wainrot / The Wife of Antonio (Oct. 2016) …

She was invited to dance at the Opera of Rome ( italy ) , at Marinsky in St Petersburg ( Russia ), at Bolchoï in Moscow ( russia ) , she performs at Farouk Ruzimatov ’s Galas in Moscou and Tokyo . 

D.E of classical dance

Practitioner in P.N.L



Stress management